UMass Boston
Colossal Comedy poster Out and About poster
Welcome Week at the University had a multitude of events scheduled. At the last minute I was contacted to design a series of posters and flyers to advertise the many interesting and varied opportunities available to the students. All I was given was a little bit of text and the logo developed for Welcome Week. It was probably the most fun assignment I ever had.
Treasure Hunt flyer
Museum of Science poster
UMass directory sign UMass catwalk sign
The Signs shown are part of the system of direction signs I designed for the University of Massachusetts Boston. Buildings are color and letter coded. The catwalk signs (above) lead the students through the second floor corridor connecting all buildings. The Directory signs (left) show a floor plan of the level of the particular building you are in and are also color coded. X marks the spot where you are on the floor plan. In the corner is a campus overview map and the departments on that floor are listed on a highlighted field, in larger type. The pale blue background is consistent throughout the signage.
UMass mailer side 1
The Information and Application for International Students had to be lightweight to save on air mail cost. So a 6-page, trifold design was chosen. I was given only 2 colors to work with. All the type is in the University’s dark blue and the gold makes a great contrast. I was able to choose most of the images from a large library that the University keeps. The forms and instruction sheet keep the same design elements as does the large mailing envelope.

UMass mailer side 2