St. Coletta and Cardinal Cushing Schools
St. Coletta Annual Report cover
St. Coletta Annual Report pp. 2-3
St. Coletta Annual Report pp. 4-5


This Annual Report was done in 2 colors only.
The inside cover is a collection of newspaper clippings
about the institution facing a letter from the president.

I manipulated some flower background images
to add an optimistic, bright look throughout the report.

Springtime pp. 2-3
Springtime p.4
The mailer sent out to donors after the annual "Springtime" event needed to look interesting without costing much. I changed a few of the photos into duotones to add some color and interest. My choice of colors was dictated by the original invitation to the event.  
Building Dreams mailer cover
Building Dreams mailer inside

Building Dreams is a tri-fold brochure done in 2 colors with a cloud background and a duotone image on the front.

As a non-profit, the institution does not want to give the impression that it spends a lot of money on printed matter when asking for donations, therefore most of its mailings are designed in 2-color.