The Congregation of Holy Cross

Holy Cross View Book cover

The Congregation of Holy Cross needed a View Book to send out to prospective priests and brothers. When I found the image of the hands and the cross as a light from a stock photo resource, I knew it was just perfect. The 3 images to the side give an imediate impression of life in the congregation. On the back cover is the University of Notre Dame, one of the Congregation's prized institutions.
Holy Cross View Book pp. 2-3
The 8 chapters of the Rule Book served as the themes for the inside spreads. I found a picture of the original chapel where the congregation's founder worked and after manipulating it I used it as an introductory element on each spread.
Holy Cross View Book pp. 8-9

The client gave me a box full of snapshots which I sorted through to find visuals for each spread. Unfortunately, they were not professionally made photos and the colors needed to be adjusted so they could all work together.

Across the bottom I added little bios of priests and brothers in black and white.

Holy Cross View Book pp.10-11
Each page has a larger photo in the background and smaller ones spread around on top. It was a problem finding that main shot with lots of background.